Thursday, August 20, 2009


The largest car dealer in Western Australia is one John Hughes. He is very successful and is Australia's largest Hyundai dealer. He also sells VWs and other brands. He regularly takes out four page newspaper adverts of customers' glowing letters of praise. We have bought several new cars from him. On his recent TV ads he did the bought/brought confusion and I wondered why someone didn't step in and say to John that it is brought rather than bought. I guess that he spends so much money with advertising that no one wants to upset him.

I have collected more good computers from W.A. Newspapers. they are relatively late model computers (Macs) and have 20" LCD screens. I now have about 25 machines ready to be distributed to needy folks. I will contact the known organisations letting them know that there are more loaded and ready to go.

I gave our son a nice fast PC which will be helpful in his CAD studies. When I delivered it to his place I was amazed at his latest collection of gear from GutterMart. There is a large TV and a bit of good furniture. He will soon have to put some of it out on the road himself. Methinks he could become a bag lady.

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