Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading material

Yesterday when Graeme and I were reminiscing about the early 60s in isolated postings in Papua he mentioned that, as an avid reader, it was very difficult for him to get books, newspapers and magazines etc. He relied on the newspaper packing in his regular supplies from Port Moresby’s Steamships Trading Company. In one box of supplies he thought he had won big time as there was a mountain of pages from the Post Courier newspaper. Unfortunately they were all the same page; misprints sourced from the print shop of the newspaper.

Today I collected a computer nicely packed in its original box with lots of newspapers as padding. I dumped most of the papers, but one liftout magazine must have fallen on the floor. In front of TV tonight I noticed Joan with a puzzled look thumbing through the supplement. I enjoyed pointing out the date….January 2009.

Some years ago, brother Graham and I would save the April 1st newspaper still wrapped in plastic and substitute it for the current paper retrieved from friends’ lawns. Always a good result with that gag.

I must confess here that my bro first pulled that prank on me. I read the entire paper without realising that it was a year old. Even the comics looked good.

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