Monday, August 17, 2009

Wray Family

Whilst at the old Albany Cemetery we found a headstone of the Wray family. Joan’s side of the family are Wrays, so we took a snap of the headstone and printed it off to take to her uncle and aunts’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration yesterday. It turns out that the grave was indeed Boy’s great grandfather and great grandmother. The mob at the Sunday celebrations didn’t know of the grave’s existence. ‘Boy’ is not his real name it is just that he was the only boy out of five children and that name has stuck throughout his life.

The celebration was a biggy. The current Wrays number 8 kids with 20-30 grandkids and great grand-children approaching double figures. Their family shows are always accompanied with musical items poems and speeches and usually a humorous quiz.

Yesterday, letters of congratulation from QE2, the Governor General, the State Premier and Leader of the Opposition and other pollies were read out. I thought at the time that they were fake messages, but later found that there is a system for getting such messages from notables. I think there are a few conditions and so cannot possibly hope to get a note from the Queen for my 70th birthday in November. Damn!

Here is a snap of the headstone….

This Photo shows the second generation Australian Wray family. The father in the centre of the photograph is the son of John and Celia, and Joan’s grandfather, Albert, is the handsome bloke at right hand rear of the pic. The Wrays were, and are, into large families. The family group photo shows 12 siblings, but one had already died and another is absent from the photo.


Anonymous said...

Any relationship to Barry Wray who operated the Ampol sevice station in Attadale?

Kev said...

I knew Barry well, but I don't think I have heard of any connection.