Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Chemo today

We headed out to St. John's Hospital in Subiaco early this morning and when we attended the Oncologist's rooms he told us that Joan's white blood cell count was too low to have chemo. She was allowed to get the Avastin which doesn't knock the bone marrow around. Avastin has the specific task of blocking blood flow to the cancer tumours. So she has a week off chemo to build up the white cells before chemo next Wednesday.

Although we were disappointed that Joan didn't get her chemo, we did get a copy of the last CT scan which suggests that the lung lesions may not be metastases, and could well be granulomas. That would be a good thing as then there would be just the liver and bowel cancer tumours to deal with.

I recall an open day at Leederville Technical College when I attended it many many years ago where a welcome notice greeted visitors at the entrance to the Science Department with............
Secretions and Granulomas and Much Metabolism

Our new cryo oven and Induction cooktop have been installed. The electrician had to bring in a heavy cable to handle the extra power needed for the cooktop and in doing that had to drop the cable down an exterior cavity wall. He drilled a hole into the cavity wall where he figured the cable would be, but miscalculated and actually drilled through the wrong wall and ended up making a large hole in our bedroom wall. He did say he was sorry, but didn't reduce the $300 bill. Both the oven and the cooktop are working well, but there are a few things to learn about operating and cleaning both of them.

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Jenny said...

I would have thought the electrician would charge more - extra time for feeding the line twice :)
Great news about the possible granulomas. I will keep my fingers crossed.