Friday, February 12, 2010

A wrong diagnosis

Joan's sinus infection was rediagnosed by the oncologist as an abscess on a tooth. He suggested Joan visit her dentist and an ex-ray showed it was indeed an abscess. At the time we couldn't believe that it was a sinus infection as there was a large painful lump on her upper front gum.

The dentist prescribed Metronidazole and when I had it dispensed at the pharmacy it had a sticker on the pack warning not to drink alcohol, during or four days after, completing the course. I had read that alcohol and antibiotics were a bit of a furphy, but it seems that two antibiotics, Flagyl and Metronidazole definitely don't like alcohol and will make the drinker very sick. I'm not taking either antibiotic!

I collected a DVD ROM for the iBook that I recently acquired. In return I gave David his two bars of chocolate and a couple of Brownes Dairy Mocha drinks. I also gave him a MacIntosh SE30 which he didn't have in his collection of Mac history.

The Apple iBook has to be one of the more difficult laptops to pull apart. I followed detailed instructions on a web page and managed to get the new drive in and all the dozens of minute screws back in the right places (I think). The computer started up and the DVD drive worked well, however the PowerPack won't charge the battery. I may have missed replacing a cable or something. That means I will have to take it apart again to have a look. Most frustrating!

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