Sunday, May 27, 2012

non techo stuff

I am 72 years old and I have seen the most amazing technical advances during my lifetime. I can recall the first VCRs introduced..the Betacord we bought at a staff discount, cost over $800.00. in real dollars back then. I still have a Beta machine in a back room.

I was around when the personal computer came out. I recall us buying a Radio Shack computer with 2K of memory. It came with a program booklet and we typed in the hundreds of lines of program to set up a security program. As it attempted to run it told us of errors on line 235 etc and we went back and corrected the typos. It eventually ran and on the screen the questions asked..'Are the doors locked?' to which the user had to select Y/N. A few more questions which elicited a Y answer and the computer told us that the house was secure. Computers have come a long way since then.

I am a mechanical sort of bloke. I have been into engines and mechanical gadgets since I was about 14. Computers these days have very few mechanical bits in them. Fans, the hard drive and the on off switch are a few of the mechanical hangovers from my era. Even hard drives these days can be solid state without any moving bits. I am preparing a few very nice G5 Macs for distribution and one of them has been a bit silly by starting up by itself. I belong to a Mac users' group and I posted the problem to the list and received some very high tech answers from folks a lot smarter than me.

I tried a few of their suggestions before I figured that there is a problem with the start button. Sure enough, when I inspected another machine the button had a different feel to it and felt like it needed a bit of WD40.....Voila, problem solved! Mechanics 1, techos 0. WD40 has an interesting pedigree....Google WD40. 

These computers were industrial strength and major printers and newspaper houses used them. They came out mid 2000 and in many cases have been replaced by the Mac Mini which fits into a person's hands. I like this continual upgrade trend manufacturers have because it gives me older machines to distribute to needy folks.
            The G5 tower,  start panel and the Mac mini.

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