Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Husqvarna Viking

I am planning on travelling south to Esperance this coming weekend.   It is around 9 hours driving and it will be the first time I have done it alone.  I have restored my sister's computer and need to give her another couple of days of instructions on using email and Skype.

Joan's Husqvarna embroidery machine has been languishing in her sewing room for over a year.  She bought it about 5 years ago at around $9,000 and today it is worth about $1500.  I have advertised twice without a single inquiry, so yesterday decided to give it to Joan's sister Dorothy.   Joan and Dorothy were close and both were into embroidery.  Our daughter Helen suggested I give it all to Dorothy and I am a bit ashamed that I never thought of it myself.

Dorothy's daughter Katherine, her husband Rick and his mother are visiting Western Australia and we are invited to a party at Dorothy's house tomorrow evening.  I like Katherine and Rick and Dorothy tells me that Rick's mother is very nice.  The party kicks off at around 6.30 and at 4.30 I have an appointment to collect some computers in East Perth.   Perth traffic gets a bit heavy on the freeways from about 3.30pm, so I wouldn't have time to return to my home and unload the computers and turn around and join the traffic jam en-route to Hillary's which is normally, in off peak times, about 45minutes from my place.  So the computer gear is going to the party as well and Helen and James will have to drive themselves rather than having Dad as skipper.

The house is full of computers to give to needy folks.  I placed a notice at a local university and received only one 'customer'.   I'm guessing that because I didn't make  tear-off phone number tags, that person took the notice down off the board.  When  I return from Esperance I will make a new tear-off notice and hope to place most of the Macs ready to go.

Here is a rough photo of Joan during University of W.A. annual 'Prosh' in London Court, Perth W.A.

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