Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vale John Rowe

John has left us. For most of the last few years he was not aware of his situation in a nursing home.

John was my friend.......a mate, as we would say in Australia.

I guess that we have known each other for around 56 years. Around seven years ago he was diagnosed with Lewy Body disease which is akin to Parkinsons Disease and accompanied by hallucinations and eventually dementia. He reached a stage where he had to be admitted into full time care. Very sad for an intelligent academic such as John.

On the occasion of John's 70th birthday I gave him a home-made gift certificate promising regular haircuts and computer tech support. I gave him his last haircut about a fortnight ago. He and his wife Joy have a large family who are giving Joy support and comfort at this time.


Jenny said...

My deepest sympathies - I am so sorry for your loss and for the difficult years John and his wife just passed.

Anonymous said...

Kev, It is so sad to say goodbye to yet another one of our group, John was indeed a lovely man but we wouldn,t want him to linger on as he was. At last after all these years he is finally at Peace. Gone, but he will never be forgotten, Marg

Bernie said...

My best friend's brother passed away from this same disease only 2 weeks ago, it was so sad, Parkinson and Dementia together, he had no life really. I would not want to go that way. I am sorry you lost your friend though Kev but glad you looked out for him as you did.....:-)Hugs

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kev for all you have done for John particularly over the past few years. You have indeed been a great mate. It hasn't been easy to see him deteriorate when you remember the man he was. Life can seem very cruel at times.