Saturday, April 20, 2013


This morning I woke to find that the Boston Bombers have been found.  One was shot and later died, the other is under arrest.     In one report on-line is a reference to a radical site named    Alex Jones is its owner and he is also a radio shock-jock.   I looked at his site and it is extremely anti-government and loaded with conspiracy theories.  He tells us that the bombings were orchestrated by the U.S. government to support the President's crackdown on assault weapons.

When Martin Bryant murdered 35 people and injured 22 others in Tasmania, Australia in 1996, conspiracy theories about Marty also popped up.  A search for Martin Bryant shows that there are many sites claiming that he was set up by the then Prime Minister John Howard, to enable the government to seize automatic weapons from the citizenry. 

After watching two of Jones’ diatribes I felt quite ill.  He  advocates a peoples’ coup d’état.    It would seem that he has many followers.   Sick!                                 

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Bernie said...

Not only is Alex Jones an idiot but he is a dangerous idiot. He leads a group of bullies who have a need to follow such a man. Why I'll never know, I also don't understand why anyone would give him air time be it radio or TV. He is incredibly stupid.
Hope you are well Kev, :-)