Thursday, April 18, 2013

Placebo effect

I took the advice of a comment poster and dosed my passionfruit with Epsom Salts.  An old method of ‘keeping your bowels open’ was to be forced to drink a mixture of water and Epson worked!   I have tasted the first ripe fruit and it did taste sweeter than previous years’ crops.   Placebo effect?  The vines are ‘loaded’ and I am looking forward to feasting on ice cream and passionfruit.   Years ago I owned a Datsun 240z.  It was a sheep in wolves’ clothing.  Whenever it gave me a bit of trouble I would drive past a wrecker’s yard en-route to work and I swear it perked up.  Maybe the passionfruit sensed that I was about to rip them out if they didn’t start to taste better?

                         A 240z.  I bumped that sharp nose a few times.

The parcel of B & W film and paper I collected from my old high school went in no time.  I tried giving it to a technical college which until recently still practised a bit of ‘wet processing’ of film and paper, but they have completely gone over to digital photography.  So, I advertised it as a free come collect package in Gumtree, an on-line marketplace.  Within minutes of placing the ad the calls started.  By lunchtime it was all gone and I withdrew the advert to slow down emails and phone calls.  Happy to see it go to worthwhile projects.

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