Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Excessive downloads

Soon after our son returned from Melbourne and moved in with me I noticed a marked increase in my internet usage of my 15Gb plan.   I decided to upgrade to an unlimited plan @ another $20 per month.  ‘Can’t take it with you’......that’s the money, not the plan.
Two days after upgrading I noticed a massive amount of downloads pushing my download to 64Gb.  I panicked a bit and assumed someone had hacked into my wireless network, so I changed the wireless password and trashed all cookies which I thought may have been a source of silent updates etc.  Still, the usage was  excessive.   Then I received a message from  BackBlaze a trial piece of ‘cloud’ type software announcing that my backup had finished.   I can’t remember activation BackBlaze and I uninstalled it from my computer.  All is well.   In the two times I exceeded my download allowance I was cut back to dialup speed....eeeck!

My garage ceiling repair is finished and it would look pretty good galloping past on a horse.  Actually, it isn’t too bad and will not fall down again unless something from North Korea comes this way.  What can one say about North Korea?  A rouge state run by a 28 year-old who loves Dennis Rodman. When Rodman visited Nth Korea as a personal guest of Kim Jong Un recently, he would have been the only person in Nth korea to be so adorned.  

                                                   That’s love!

I placed a leftover plate of Spaghetti Bolognese on the lawn for the crows to finish off. It seems that they liked everything except the onions. If you don’t eat your onions you can’t have your Spag.                         

                                           Apologies to Pink Floyd


Anonymous said...

kev, You do know that you musn't feed onions to dogs and you can't put it in your worm farm. I wonder what it is about onions that makes animals sick? Marg

Bernie said...

Just catching up, Joan's party sounds fun, what a nice way to remember her, I'm sure she would of loved it.
Do you think having Martin home has increased your internet usage? How is everything working out?
I smiled at your views on North Korea and Dennis Rodman, I don't think the 28 year old can do much damage.I think he is all blow and no go.....hopefully anyway.
Nice of you to feed the crows.
Take care Kev, xo