Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A comedy of errors

Sister Shirl is up from Esperance on the south coast for a Volunteer Firebrigade reunion tomorrow.
It is an regular event and a couple of years ago Shirl came up to Perth city for the previous reunion.  It was held at a reception centre at Jandakot Airport.  I dropped her off at Jandakot and returned home to await her call to be picked up after the event.  As it happened as soon as I arrived back home Shirl rang me to be collected.....the reunion was a successful show, but unfortunately was held the day before.  Duh!
On the Friday I drove her out to Perth airport for the flight back to Esperance.  Shirl has just fessed up to the fact that she was actually booked to fly out on the Sunday.  She was too embarrassed to call me for collection again and had to pay extra to get on the Friday flight.

She claims that she doesn’t have Oldtimers disease....Hmn not sure about that.

Tomorrow I am driving her to the current reunion and I will stick around for a while until she confirms that it is actually the right date and place.

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