Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The bastard disease

Some time ago a friend, Merv, offered to rebind a very old original book we have here.  It is ‘Captain Cook Voyages’ published in 1790.   Merv belonged to a bookbinders association and did a great job restoring it.
I was remiss in not returning to visit Merv and finding the book in a bookshelf a few days ago thought I should drop in on him. I bought a nice bottle of red and fronted up to  have a coffee and chat.  His wife Juliana opened the front door and informed me that Merv had died recently.

We had a cup of tea and biscuits and she told me of his death.  I had not known that he, like me, had a Radical Prostatectomy.  I also didn’t know that Merv was a Haemophiliac which gave him lots of problems.  After his Radical Prostatectomy it was discovered the the cancer had metastasised into his bones.   Juliana told me was stoic and rarely complained of his condition.  His treatment gave him quite a few years before he succumbed to the disease.  A nice man!

Today is the third anniversary of my wife Joan’s death.  Daughter Helen is visiting to cook a meal for us.  I expect there will be a few tears.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, sad news,,but Merv is now free of pain and so is your lovely wife. We wouldn't want them to suffer any more but we can't help longing for them,and wishing we could hold them once more,,Marg