Friday, February 14, 2014

Macs to go

Over the last couple of weeks I have been restoring a number of Apple computers readying them for distribution to needy folk.  They were given to me by a primary school, a printing works, a newspaper and a couple of individuals.   
Most of them are a bit old, but so am I and I still work reasonable well.  One laptop was a surprise gift as it is a late model MacBook Pro. Thanks Susan.

  I would have liked to keep it myself, but I have a couple of rules for myself when it comes to such things....I can’t keep them, give them to family or friends, or sell them.

I was holding out giving this to just anyone; it had to be someone who would benefit from a nice machine for study etc.  Then along came Kelsey who has been accepted into Murdoch University this year.  I felt she filled the bill and she was most grateful to get a very nice machine which will see her through university and beyond.

Today we (the few oldies who get together once a week for a cuppa and cake) are going to be down by one member. Last night, Joy had a fall down her stairs and was collected by an ambulance and taken to hospital.  Nothing broken but cuts and bruises has her remaining in hospital for a few days.  Get well soon Joy.

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