Saturday, February 8, 2014

Senior moments

Friday afternoon, we (a group of 5 oldies) had our weekly gathering over tea and cakes.
It is most comforting to have these friends to converse with; especially as they all struggle to remember names and places.  I am not alone!
I had a couple of very senior moments this week.  I followed a recipe from daughter Helen to cook a Moroccan Beef Stew.  It turned out pretty nice except it was a bit watery, so I decided to thicken it with gravy powder and cornflower.   I mixed them together with cold water and poured it into the stew.  A Vesuvius-type eruption occurred and the stove top was flooded with stew.   What the....?  I checked the pantry and I had grabbed a packet of Baking Soda which was next to the cornflower.  It reacted with the lemon juice in the stew.   

The second SM was probably a regular for single men.  I carefully checked all the pockets of the clothes I dumped in the washing machine, but didn’t see two new tissues that went in with some handkerchiefs.  The cleanup of all the clothes near the clothes line made the green grass look like it had been snowing.   Only one more day of this week to get through.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, Full marks for trying out a new recipe, Better than beans on toast. Marg