Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home from hospital

Our friend Joy is at home recuperating after three days in hospital following her fall down a steep set of stairs in her home.  When I saw her a couple of days ago I hardly recognised her.  She has two black eyes, cuts and bruises to her head, arms, hands, knees and feet.

It seems that she must have fell and rolled down the stairs ending up on the lower ground floor bleeding and unsure how it all happened.  This was at One in the morning and she had no need to go downstairs from her bedroom and cannot think what caused her to do so.     Fortunately her grandson who is living with her, heard her and rushed to stem the flow of blood and rang an ambulance.  The medicos at the hospital did extensive X-rays and a CT scan and amazingly she has no broken bones.  They believe that she may have had a seizure and have scheduled a visit to a specialist for heart ECG etc.  She has been told not to drive for three months or until she gets the all clear from tests.

Years ago when her husband John was still alive I gave him a home-made gift voucher offering a lifetime (until one or the other dies) of computer support and I have added to that, general household Mr Fixit jobs and now message runner when Joy needs me to shop or drive her somewhere.  She also has lots of immediate family and friends to help out as well.

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Anonymous said...

kev, Well done. You can always be relied upon in times like these. I visited Joy yesterday and she was bright and cheerful but today she has been vomiting and feels really sick. Bobby is there today with her, Marg