Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Party's over

It’s all quiet of the western front today.  A party which was in a house over my back fence went on for two days and nights.  First I knew of it was around 2am a couple of days ago.  There wasn’t any music but plenty of loud conversation by an estimated 50+ people on a range of topics from football to the upcoming election and the Malaysian lost aircraft.
This morning there was some subdued conversation, lots of clanks as bottles were binned and someone playing a guitar (badly).  When the garbage truck makes its pickup on Wednesday morning it will sound like a train crash.

Yesterday, cousin Val and I drove past the Lock family home which we long ago sold after our parents died.  The house was built entirely by my Dad in 1946.  Building materials were rationed after WW2 and there had to be some sneaky ways of acquiring cement, roof tiles etc.         The house is a timber-framed asbestos clad, three bedroom one bathroom place and has been sold twice since we sold it in the early 1990s.  Last time it sold for almost $1m.  Crazy amount for this house.  Even though it is a basic well built place, it is the suburb which commands the outrageous price.
In the front yard is a Peppercorn tree and it has grown immensely since we sold the house.  The owners have let it grow without trimming it in any way and it looks great.

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We Western Australians have our own names for trees, fish etc.  This Peppercorn we call Point Walter Peppercorn because on the Swan River, Point Walter was covered with peppercorn trees. 

The name of our state has been the subject of some discussion of late.  There are two states and two territories which do not have real names....Western Australia, South Australia, The Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.    If we were to name our state there would be several years of discussions/arguments and probably some sort of referendum held.

Correction: I have just returned from dinner with my daughter Helen where she reminded me that the trees I mentioned as Point Walter Peppercorns are actually Peppermints trees.  The Peppercorns have red peppery berries and are what we locally know as Japanese Peppers.

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