Friday, April 4, 2014

Still nothing on MH370

Our daughter Helen has just been granted permanency with the Western Australian Education Department.  She has been teaching within the dept for 8 years, and at last has been able to satisfy the requirements to get the official letter of permanency by teaching a full year at a hard to staff school.  I have previously mentioned the other ways to get permanency which basically rely on doing country service for two years minimum.    She is very happy that now she can join the pool of permanent staff to apply for schools nearer to home.

Last night I caught up with two cousins for dinner. We did a family run-down of the last 20 or so years.  Great meal with lots of laughs. Thanks Christine.

The Chinese government has been rather nasty to Malaysia about the sketchy details of the lost aircraft.  Chinese relatives of the Chinese passengers have been staging protests and accusing the Malaysian government of some sort of coverup.  The acting Minister of Transport in Malaysia has been fielding much of the abuse from Chinese nationals and their government.  The acting Minister has been most apologetic and last week mentioned that he had noticed the more dignified showing of grief from the relatives of Australians who were lost along with other passengers.   Today it seems that the Chinese government has realised that their stance may damage relations with Malaysia

The headline on

CHINA has called MH370 relatives ‘radical’, swinging into damage control over its deteriorating relationship with Malaysia.

I have read a detailed conspiracy theory about the crashed aircraft.  It is too silly to give it space on this blog.  Even so, thousands of people will believe it. 

Google Twin Towers Conspiracy and there are around 1,580,000 articles to read there giving both sides of the argument.


Anonymous said...

Congratulaions Helen, You have earned this Marg

Anonymous said...

It does seem as if the Malaysian government is pretty inept. . .