Saturday, April 26, 2014

Empire of the Sun

I don’t think Spielberg has made a dud movie.  This evening I watched ‘Empire of the Sun’.   I have seen bits of it before, but never the whole movie.

The main character Christian Bail was wonderful and John Malkovich in his usual; what can I his Malkovich , type-cast devious/sinister character was superb.

Age gives us a different look at such movies, and I guess everything; and I teared up at the high drama.     That is not unusual for me at 74.  Age heightens the emotions and if it doesn’t for you, then you are pretty hard. 

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Richard said...

JUDYTH and I are real film fans. We see around 30-35 movies a year.
Arthouse films are a favourite but we've seen Dallas Buyers Club, about AIDS infected Americans who urgently need medicine to stay alive.
US pharmaceuticals available no good so they sneak supplies, illegally, over the border from Mexico Three Oscars for that film back in Feb.
Today we saw Wadjda about a little Saudi Arabian girl who wants to win a bike in a competition reciting verses from the Koran.
Girls not permitted to ride outside the home of course.
She isn't fazed.