Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oldtimers Disease?

Today I went to West Perth to have a consultation with my Financial Advisor.  West Perth is the financial district of Perth and the car bays are larger than other areas around Perth to accommodate Jaguars, Bentleys, Cadillacs etc.  I liked it; my Hyundai i45 was so easy to park.
Mike, my FA, met me and told me that he had booked me in for tomorrow, Thursday. I told him that  I had written down exactly what his secretary had told me over the phone and here I was. He apologised for her and we did a short review of my finances and I was pleased that over the last two years my superannuation fund has made and average of 16%.    We discussed plans for my demise and the  dispersion of my assets to our children.
When I returned home I found a large note stuck on the fridge saying ... Mike Lee Thursday 10th.    Today is wednesday.   Oldtimers’ Disease!

A longtime friend is having problems with his PC.  He has somehow downloaded lots of ‘fixit’ programs and they pop up asking for payment etc which drives him mad.  He asked if I had a Mac which may not suffer from this problem.  I set one up at his house, but at his age he is finding the change to a different computer system difficult and today I brought his PC home and visited my mate Rob who is a wizard on both systems to help me cleanup the PC.  Tomorrow I will take back my Mac and set up his PC, all clean and I hope, working to his satisfaction.

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