Friday, April 18, 2014


My daughter Helen and hubby James rang to say they were visiting with a present for me.  It turned out to be a chiminea.  We assembled it and charged it up with firewood and it is going to be great for the outdoors in winter.   Helen also brought over a nice range of food for a surprise dinner....Oysters Kilpatrick, Chicken Kebabs and King Prawns washed down with copious drinks.   Great!

Searching through cupboards and drawers looking for family photographs, I found a newspaper clipping detailing the methods local police used to catch the murderers of a young drug addicted prostitute around 1989.  She was bashed by a couple and was about to front court as a witness/victim.    The couple along with another young man that I had taught in high school were concerned that they may be jailed for the bashing, contracted another fellow to kill the girl with a heroin ‘hotshot’.  He accepted the job for the fee of just $200. 

The killer lured her to a cheap motel room with the promise of heroin and cash.  He gave her a large hit of heroin but when she didn’t die, he rang the three to tell them she was still alive.  They came to the motel and my ex student tried to suffocate her with a pillow, but when that didn’t work one of them stood on her neck until she died.  They arranged the body to look like a self administered overdose.   The cops got some DNA in the bathroom and after extensive phone tapping arrested the killer who gave up the others for a shorter sentence.  They are still all in prison.  The girl’s mother was sad that her daughter would be remembered as just a drug addicted prostitute.   Her life certainly went cheaply.

I got along well with that ex student of mine and a couple of times over the years thought of visiting him in prison, but each time I realised that I would have probably left him in disgust.  Over my many years teaching I have ‘taught’ a few bad boys.

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