Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Oscar for Oscar?

Oscar Pistorius is sure to be nominated for his wonderful performance in the court-room drama filmed in South Africa (Sith Efriker).   His tearful all-of-a-sudden sorrow should even give him a chance at winning an Oscar.  His lawyer is also a bit of a star.  Oscar’s neighbors heard his girlfriend Reeva screaming as she was being shot, but the lawyer claims that when Oscar gets excited he squeals like a girl.  Makes sense!    He may well get off scot-free.

I am an eBay nut and buy stuff regularly from Australia and China.  Items on eBay originating from U.S.A. and Britain always seem to have extortionate postage costs, where stuff from within Aus and from China are often post free.  My latest purchase was a digital vernier caliper from China.  It is well made and very accurate and cost the princely sum of $18 delivered to my front door.   These would usually sell for up to $100 if made in Britain or the U.S..

So much for manufacturing in Australia and the U.S..

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