Sunday, September 21, 2014

A good pickup

I had a win this morning.  I went to a small recycling depot to dump some recyclables.  Whilst there I looked over the large container of computer gear.  I grabbed a HP all-in-one hoping that it may just need new cartridges.   When I matched a power-pack from the dozens I have in my workshop, I discovered that one of the cartridges had not been inserted correctly and was causing a jam of the carriage on the plastic surrounds.  I managed to slip a knife through a slot at the front of the printer and reseat the cartridge.   When the carriage was able to move into its home position I noticed that the cartridges were the same as two I had previously ordered from China.  They have been sitting around, with me wondering what I had bought them for, so I inserted the new carts and now have a good printer/copier/scanner for another donee.

Brother Graham has a pet dog named Dougy.  Doesn’t have fleas; doesn’t need food and doesn’t defecate on his lawn.  He even nods his head affectionately when one gives him a kick.
During the week just past, I had occasion to pass a new housing estate.  It is large and there are some large dwellings there.  There are however, some quite small houses with barely enough room for a rat to run between them.  They must be inexpensive?

In today’s paper there is a photo of a woman named Teresa van Lieshout posing on a beach in a Bikini.  She is a candidate in a bi-election for the seat of Vasse in this state’s south-west.  Teresa has had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at getting into Federal Parliament and now she is trying to get into State Parliament as an independent.  She was recruited to run with Clive Palmer’s party, but was dumped by Palmer the day he met her.  She then joined The Australian Protectionist Party, a right wing outfit.
The seat of Vasse is vacant because of the resignation of the incumbent, Troy Buswell.  Troy got himself into a bit of strife after crashing his government car into a few parked cars whilst driving home from a wedding.  Come back Troy...all is forgiven.

Check her out on You Tube and Facebook unless you have a delicate stomach.  For a devout Christian, she has a bad mouth and if you are not exactly on her side 'you will go to hell'.  Posing in a Bikini is a cheap shot.

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