Thursday, September 25, 2014

Changing GP

I have filled out an information form for a new GP.  I don’t who I will get as it is a group bulk-billing practice with a number of GPs working there.    One of the questions asks how many standard drinks of alcohol do I have in a week.  Eek!   Do I tell a porky or the truth?
In fact I have gone down the middle on that question giving a figure that is more along the lines of an easy week. 

The reason I am changing GPs is that this Practice is close to my home and my regular GP doesn’t bulk-bill (read free).  The regular GP also only gives me three repeats on scripts (the original and three repeats)whereas this practice gives the full five repeats.   Seems like a bit of overservicing on the part of my previous GP.   I haven’t abandoned him, but will see how the new person(s) works out.

Tomorrow, daughter Helen's Pre-Primary class is performing their small act for the entire school.  The kids and their parents are very keen and Helen hopes there are no slip-ups.   All the kids think the boat I made and the costumes for the fish and the crayfish are great.  School holidays for two weeks commence tomorrow.

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Richard said...

JEEZ. We're almost at the end of the 1st week of school hols. in Viccy, KL.
Doing granddaughter baby-sitting duties for 2 families --- a 9 y-o and a 7 y-o in one household and a 5 y-o and a 3 y-o in the other. All girls.
The youngest pair now have a 3-week old baby brother so Mum --- our youngest daughter -- + her London-born hubby have a busy time.
Methinks sleep is on the back burner for quite some time there, altho' Judyth and I are up at sparrow fart to give the 3 y-o her brekky. As a late night working journo, mornings before about 11 or 11.30 a.m. have never appealed !!