Monday, September 15, 2014

Unexpected thanks

A couple of days ago I received a thank-you card from three young ladies.  They work for a welfare agency and make regular visits with clients to collect computers and printers from me.   The card contained a gift voucher for a Garden Centre valued at $100.00.
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With all the 500+ Macs I have distributed over the past 14 years, this is the first time I have received a follow-up thanks.   I get pleasure out of seeing a satisfied ‘customer’, and never expect such generosity of anyone.   I work with as much Altruism as I can and expect no reward.

I now have to decide what sort of plant to buy with the voucher.  If I buy a fruit tree will I be around to see it bear fruit?
I sincerely thank you, wonderful ladies. 

This morning Dennis and I drove up into the Perth hills to collect 16 older Macs from a primary school.  They were pensioned off  years ago and the computer lab runs nice new iMacs.   
Ready for a cleanup and test.
These eMacs are a bit slow, but there again, so am I.   They will go to people who want to do regular browsing, email, word processing and printing.  I have other machines which are good for more advanced work.

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