Friday, January 9, 2015

Changing times

2015: things are rapidly changing.   This beautiful cork extractor was in use up until 10 years ago, but now has been made redundant to all wine bottles except those destined for the tables of royalty or tycoons.    The screwtop has taken over and our cork extractor is  now a museum piece.

An Australia-wide online market named ‘Gumtree’ which is probably a ‘Craig’s List’ ripoff,  has a new category named..... Unwanted Christmas Gifts.

This is an entry on that list.
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Bernie said...

Hi Kev I drink mostly white wine and red sometime, it's called Yellow Tail from your country. It's around $15.00 a bottle. Not expensive at all, I really like it.
Hope you are well my friend, looking forward to the Open on the 18th. I listen on my computer as I don't enjoy watching the next day after the games have all ready been played and everyone knows who won. Do you live near where the championship is played. Time I went to sleep, it's 1:30 am errrrrrr going to be a long day tomorrow with no sleep as I have company arriving. xo

Anonymous said...

Yellowtail can be had for about $7 a bottle around here at the moment. 🎉. Paul W.