Monday, January 19, 2015

Home brew Ginger Beer

I have just bottled a brew of alcoholic ginger beer.  I have been brewing beer for many years on and off and have had just a couple of what could be called successful, quality beers.  Stout and ginger beer seem to be easier and more successful.  So, I will have to wait a couple of weeks for carbonation to give the GB some bubbles and hope that it isn’t 30 bottles of dish water.  

My computer project, like me, has run into a problem of old age.   Most of the Macs people give have the older Power PC processor which Adobe has decided it will no longer give PPC support to its video player, Flash.    That wouldn’t worry me, but almost all the folks I give a computer to want to look at videos on Youtube and Facebook.  After trawling the net for an alternative player, it would seem that there is no alternative.  A guy in Texas has produced a workaround which goes something like this......Remove Adobe Flash player from computer with an uninstall program.  Inside the Finder>library>Internet plugins, remove Flash Player plugin.  Replace it with Tex’s Flash Player Plugin> install Tex’s renamed Flash player and it all works.....for now at least.  

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