Saturday, January 24, 2015

Willetton SHS upgrade

I have been retired from teaching for some 16 years.  I was fortunate that the subjects I taught were mostly electives where students opted to take them and were more likely to work well with good results.....Woodwork, Metalwork, Graphic Arts and Photography.  I have a lot of ex-students I count as friends.  

In the Western Australian education system I taught at seven schools, some of which could be called, just OK.  Most of my service in W.A. schools was at Willetton Senior High School.  Willetton SHS was a wonderful still is.  It is the largest Government school producing outstanding results.  This year’s enrolments are around 2,000.

Yesterday I drove there to photograph work on a $80M upgrade of the school.  Phase 1 is almost completed at $32M.  When the whole upgrade is completed the 22 demountable classrooms will be taken away and it will once again look like a school rather than dongas at a mining site.  I look forward to the commissioning of the new school in 2016 (If I’m still around).


Old and new

Almost ready for occupation

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