Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Losing it

Today I decided to drive to Perth city to sell some old gold jewellery bits to the Perth Mint.   The total amount was less than an ounce, but I thought I should sell it before I lose my mind completely.  
I googled the Perth Mint site and found that I need a few  bits of ID.....passport/drivers licence, a recent utilities bill; gas/water/power showing my address and name. 

Jumped in the car and drove the  23 kilometres, parked the car and found I had brought all my ID, but not the jewellery.   Doh! 

The Perth Mint is a lovely old building opened in 1899.   It mints coins and medals and sells gold bars to people who think WW3 is imminent.

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Anonymous said...

kev, Someone phoned me the other day and asked if I would take part in a trial for dementia , Wonder how they got my name. I will forward your name and phone number, She took my name , address and phone number. Wonder how genuine this is. Marg