Saturday, March 21, 2015

Midnight in Paris

I have just re-watched a wonderful movie for about the fifth time and I am convinced it is the best movie I have ever seen.  Looking through a few glasses of almost two bottles of of Seaview Brut, I may, however, be influenced by alcohol.

Midnight in Paris is one of Woody Allen’s best movies.      Get it (anyway you can) and enjoy it.

I am influenced, of course, by the month we spent in France and experienced first-hand the people and country-side of that wonderful place.

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Anonymous said...

kev, I'vejust googled Woody 's films and and they mention Manhhatten murder mystery, I've never been able to purchase it on DVD. I saw it on video which I have since lost, It was very funny.They also mention Sleeper and B ananas. The first two I ever saw. Do you remember Magic in the moonlight? that was in the top 10 of his movies. All great films, Marg