Thursday, March 12, 2015

To die alone

A couple of days ago our son Martin rang to tell me that the unit above his was leaking a considerable amount of water over a balcony into woodwork in his/my unit.  I suggested he go upstairs and mention it to the tenant above and see if they could work out what the problem was.   He didn’t respond to Martin's knocking and so Martin decided to leave it a day to put a note on his door.

Early this morning police arrived and Martin talked to a policeman who told of the death of the tenant estimated to be several days before.  The police told Martin that it did not appear to be foul play and until the coroner does an autopsy it will be called a non-suspicious death.  Sad to die alone.

Update:  Martin just phoned me to tell me that a police Forensic Squad has cordoned off the unit and is conducting investigations.   Our man might not have died alone.

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David Bahr said...

How very sad about Martin's neighbour. To think there are many who are in the same situation.
Nice to pop in and see you are still on deck, too Kevin.
Still wish you would reconsider your views. Possibly you being right over in the West, you might not come in contact the same types as I do (even on the Net).
Best wishes, David.