Friday, March 17, 2017

Farewell Albert

My long time friend Albert passed away last Wednesday.  We had know each other for 55 years  starting when we were Heads of our respective primary schools in Papua New Guinea.  My school was on a beach around 15 miles from Albert's, and on weekends I would often cycle along the beach to spend time with Albert in his one room accommodation.  After a few years we both transferred to different areas of PNG, but caught up again each time our paths crossed back in Australia.  Albert lived in Sydney and I live on the other side of Australia in Perth.  In recent years we regularly kept in touch with Skype and Apple FaceTime.  

About a year ago Albert was diagnosed with Leukaemia and we talked up until a week ago; he from a palliative care unit.   He was 78, just a year older than me.

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Albert in 1962 in Papua

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Robert said...

Read your story and shed a tear. For i too have lost old friends. The shortness of life is a source of joys and pain. My condolences and thoughts.