Sunday, March 19, 2017

Joan gets a new resting place

Yesterday we; daughter Helen and I, transferred soil from a plant pot to a larger pot and planted a new rose in the new pot.
The original pot’s soil contained my wife Joan’s ashes and in shifting the pot in the garden, roots were damaged and that rose eventually died.   We visited a nursery and found an identical rose, planted the rose in the larger pot.  Had a glass of champagne with Joan and Helen reminded me that when it is time, I shall join Joan in the new pot.

The rose is an ebb tide florabunda 

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New rose

The original rose


Sheila Maslen said...

It's beautiful Kevin, Joan would love it.

B. Dixon said...

wonderful post! ebb tide florabunda really looks something special for me. i haven't seen any beautiful rose until now. thanks for sharing and keep sharing such kind of stuff. i love planting.