Monday, March 13, 2017

Western Australian elections

Well, the state elections for this state of Western Australia are over and the Labor party has won in what has been correctly called a landslide.  The incumbent government of the Liberal Party took a punt on joining with a very controversial party, One Nation, in a preference deal.  One Nation  is a Donald Trump style baby party with the party’s leader, Pauline Hanson espousing Donald Trump like pronouncements about race issues, vaccination and an embarrassing praise of Vladimir Putin etc etc.

A major road project commenced in the lead up to election day is to be cancelled in the next couple of days.  
The controversy about this road project is a fair bit of NIMBY (not in my back yard) both from for and against people.  The project was a plan to ease trucking traffic on a highway and extend a freeway road through some wetlands and through a suburb with a six lane highway estimated to serve around 5,000 trucks a day. 

Part of the bush-land clearing for the 5 kilometre freeway extension known as Roe8.

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