Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Car warranty service

Yesterday we had our Hyundai serviced. It was the 30,000 kilometre service and cost a whopping $351. I asked the service manager to see if they could locate a rattle in the head lining. He advised me that after the first 1000 kilometers rattles, squeaks and bumps are not covered in the warranty. Knowing that it can take hours to locate a rattle we decided against an expensive job and I will try and locate it myself. Most annoying in a nice car which has not been on any rough roads to have such a rattle. Next service will be by a local mechanic at half the price.

I had a double banger today. I visited my friend John in the dementia ward at SCG Hospital. He recognised me and immediately started telling me of his plans to escape. Other conversations included sailing around his room, climbing over a large black rock in his room and other stuff that could be perfectly reasonable in another situation. Sudden mood swings with a little aggression thrown in. I was exhausted after 45 minutes. Joy, his wife is under great stress visiting daily. I suggested that I could fill in whenever she needed a day off.

Second part of the day was with my bro-in-law trying to sort out his PC to use Skype. Part of his Parkinson's affliction is an obsessive streak he has developed which causes him to attempt to fix things which often leads to disabling equipment as in his computer gear. I think someone needs to reload all his software as he may have made changes to preferences. I took a printer cartridge home to refill for them as I feel that his dyskinesis would make it near impossible to fill the carts without making a mess. Mike is scheduled for his Deep Brain Stimulation operation on the 15th of April. It should stop the dyskinesis but maybe not the obsessive behaviour. Two very sad stories.

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