Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Retirees are busy people

Who said retired people have nothing to do? Certainly not me.

Tomorrow I am going to visit my friend John in a psychiatric ward at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. John is awaiting placement at a nursing home. He is rapidly losing what lucidity he has had until recently. I hope he recognises me tomorrow.

On Thursday, our daughter has booked dad to go to her unit early to remove the existing blinds and drapes in preparation for installation of wooden blinds. The blind man (the man installing the blinds) is due somewhere between 9.30am and whenever.

On Friday Helen wants me to go to her school and drill some holes for hanging work on the classroom walls.

Today I braved the ladder to the roof to do a service on our evaporative air conditioner. The pads were removed and a year's dust washed out and the mud in the base of the cooler washed and siphoned out. Inside the house, all the duct louvres needed removing and washing. Several hours there and a goodly bit of exercise up and down ladders.

Yesterday I waited for a TV antennae man at my brother's house while he was at work. That used up a few hours.

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