Monday, February 18, 2008

Goodbye Daewoo

Our son's old car, a Daewoo Cielo died a few weeks ago. We bought him another bomb and I decided to try and sell off some parts before recycling it. I managed to sell about $150 worth of bits. One fellow who wanted the fuel injection system also stole the alternator whist I was inside the house. Bummer! A couple of days later a young guy rang urgently needing an alternator and willing to pay $100. Sorry mate! (that's me that's sorry).

It sounds like I'm a bit cheap trying to get a few dollars for bits, but it's beer money. I felt that the neighbors might be getting a little offside about me dismantling a car, so decided to sell the body to a metal recycler for a $50 shopping voucher. A big truck came today and collected it.

I asked the driver what happens to the bodies. It seems that Sims Metals has a recycling plant quite close to us here and the car goes through a huge 'grauncher' which chops it all up into small bits and then a separation process separates metals from plastics, rubber and glass. The metals are separated into ferrous and non-ferrous by huge magnets. The trash is sent to landfill and the metals go to China to the Zing Gan Ironworks to be made into jet fighters, cars or iPhone copies.

Some pics of the operation.

Also today, I Googled for information about how to get hits on blogs. One page had some good ideas: mention a film star, nude bathing, start a thread about PC vs Mac, Fords vs Holdens etc etc. So here goes...Elle McPherson, Russel Crowe, Holdens beat Fords, Macs are more reliable than PCs. That should stir up a few Googlers.

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