Sunday, February 3, 2008


We have had a bit of extra work to complete at Martin's unit. Almost all the taps needed new washers. Also the steel door frame near the shower recess is heavily rusted from water leaking through the shower wall. Rust treatment and a sealer will fix that. We have one last item to take there and that is a lounge. At the same time we bought the lounge we also bought a sofa bed, but it is so back-breaking heavy that we have decided to take only the lounge and sell/give away the sofa bed.

I have been reading a blog about recipes and meal planning and I was reminded of my single days in Papua New Guinea in the 60s. Upon Graduation from Malaguna Teachers' College in Rabaul, we were advised on how to set up house in extreme isolation in bush locations. We were told where to order food etc and how to plan meals. Most food was only available in cans flown or shipped in from major centres. On meal planning we were advised to divide the kitchen cupboard (if you had one) up into three sections: meats, vegetables and sweets, and if you were posted to the highlands you could add a soup section. In these sections you stacked the cans with the labels removed to give you a surprise meal each time. There were some strange combinations from that idea.

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