Monday, July 27, 2009

Bugs Bunny 1940

Today is the day in 1940 that Bugs Bunny made his debut. His trademark 'eh what's up Doc?' is said to have been inspired by Groucho Marx. I recently saw a Bugs Bunny cartoon and he seems to have found the elixir of life looking better than he originally looked in 1940.

In the Inside Cover of today's West Australian newspaper there is a small article about John Ryan the creator of Pugwash. It's a good read.....
Click it to enlarge.

Our daughter Helen has had her car window smashed in for the third time in three years. The area she lives in is very popular especially with the villains. During the day, groups of lads wearing the Hip Hop gear cruise the suburb surveying the layout of the place and returning at night to brazenly break and enter cars in parking areas. It seems that even when an alarm goes off, residents of the units where Helen lives are too scared to confront the villains. The bad boys don't bother rushing the job; one resident had the battery stolen from under the bonnet.

Helen's car is a Mazda 626 which someone imported from Britain when they emigrated. The VIN (vehicle Identification Number) doesn't tally with anything in the Mazda Australia lineup and we are having some difficulty identifying the correct window glass. I emailed Mazda Australia, but they say they cannot help in finding the appropriate VIN for Helen's car. I would think it would be quite simple for them to email Mazda Japan...but it would seem not.

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