Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old style divorce

A right wing Federal politician, Tony Abbott, has just outlined his idea for the great leap backwards to blame-game divorces. Read about it here.

When I was a young fella, some 50 years ago, I was a member of a group of Rover Scouts who would often go on a group outing to the movies on a Saturday night. One of our group would buy the scandal rag 'The Mirror' for pre-movie reading. The paper would be divided up amongst us and the hunt was on to find the juiciest divorce scandals the 'journos' could dredge up. In every issue there would be a photo of some hapless couple caught in bed in a hotel room or a car parked down by the river along with the detailed evidence brought before the divorce courts. At the time it was a taboo subject in polite society, but it took another 18 years before the state government changed the terms of divorce proceedings.
Now our Tony, being a God Fearing man, wants to bring it all back. Often these rabid moralists have a few skeletons in their cupboards. Does Tony?

I have been liasing with a lady from the W.A. Justice System arranging for a computer to be given to a 22 year old Aboriginal man who is at present in Hakea Prison. I have not asked what he is in prison for, but his mentor is hopeful that he will be bailed by next Monday and able to return home to his partner and five children. If he gets out of the big house I will deliver a computer and instruct him on its use. He is not of low intelligence, but as can be the case with many young aboriginal men, school was not a pleasant or important part of life and he has very basic communication skills. Could be a big ask to get him computer literate.

He has been enrolled in an Aboriginal educational program and has hopes of getting employment. I wish him every success, but he will be up against many other young people with better qualifications and communication skills. At least he will be getting government assistance for all his kids. It is very difficult to sift through the government documents, but it would seem that each child born gives the family a $5,000 cash benefit and a steady ongoing income for the family along with the unemployment benefits and rent assistance. Not too bad eh?

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Kev said...

My friend Graham informs me that it was the Federal Government led by his idol, Gough Whitlam that changed the divorce laws; not the W.A. state government