Friday, July 24, 2009

Human Pampillomavirus

Well, things are-a-changing! In this morning’s ABC news there was a report about the possible need to vaccinate young men for the HPV (Human Pampillomavirus) This announcement didn’t make me choke on my Wheaties, but when Joan told me that for HPV, young females can get a free vaccination to prevent the virus and that a free vaccination for young men to prevent mouth infection was being considered because of ‘changing mores’, I admit to coughing a bit. Don’t fully understand the implications? Google HPV.

Another snippet from this morning’s West Australian. The Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull made the following comment about a fellow Liberal Senator, Wilson (Iron Bar) Tuckey.
Wilson, the Federal Member for O’Connor, is the only comic relief in Federal Parliament since Keating opted out. He is a silly old man who earned the title of Iron Bar for donging an aboriginal fella with a bit of pipe. His own party is embarrassed by him, but I reckon they keep him there on a long lead to act up like a junk yard dog. Rumour has it that he aims to be ejected from the House on Thursdays so that he can catch an early plane back home to W.A.

Our son Martin leaned on us again for monetary assistance to get a paining tooth looked at. He joined HBF, the state’s largest medical fund, and we paid the dentist the $220 up front for an extraction. Must have taken all of ten minutes. Martin wanted the dentist to repair and rebuild the tooth, but he was informed that it was a root canal job which would end up costing thousands. He went for the extraction, not because of the money involved in a reconstruction, but I believe, because of those words….ROOT CANAL.

HBF will refund him (us) 60% of the $220, so it isn’t too bad. When I drove him to the dentist I introduced him to Oil of Cloves and he was amazed that the pain immediately vanished. Some grannies’ remedies do work!


Graham Egan said...

It was Joe Hockey who made the comment about Wilson Tuckey, not Malcolm Turnbull. Tut, tut, Kevin, this is the second time I have had to correct you on a posting about political events-it was the federal govt not state govt which changed the divorce laws. I think in future you will have to submit political comments to me for vetting first, before posting. My charges are quite reasonable but it will probably make me rich.

Kev said...

Thankyou Graham. Hockey Schmokky!