Saturday, July 18, 2009

Madang, Papua New Guinea

I am subscribed to PNG Gossip, a free weekly newsletter of news and events from Papua New Guinea. One of the articles provided a link to a blog by an American bloke living in Madang. It is very interesting to me as there seems to be a large expatriate population in Madang and with that a reasonable social life. I worked in Madang in 1964 and it truly was a beautiful place. It seems to have lost a lot of the public works infrastructure and so doesn’t seem to be running as efficiently as it did in ‘colonial’ times.

Take a look at Jan Messersmith’s blog here......especially the main photo.

The Tour de France is still running (or riding) and I confess I don’t understand the whole thing. What I do know however, is that they must have more meat on their bums than I do.

Here is a pic of the 1942 Tour de France.

This morning we drove to Joondalup to look at a car for sale. It was advertised for sale for $1850. It is a Mazda 929, 1992 model. We have owned two of these cars in the past and I thought it might be a nice restoration project for Kev. It had a few 'dings' in the bodywork, the leather seats were a bit too tattered and the paintwork was very daggy. As well as that there were a few ghostly electrical problems where some things worked randomly. The airconditioner was also not functioning. The idea was sound, but the costs looked like being too much for me. I will continue to look for a better car at a more realistic price.

Class car with 4 wheel steering; electric everything. See here.

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