Sunday, September 27, 2009


This evening we are dining next door at our neighbours' place. I thought I would make a small dish to take over and decided on Ceviche. We learnt how to make Ceviche in Papua New Guinea some 30 years ago. A colleague at the school I ran was (and still is) an Argentinian and we were introduced to the delight of lemon 'cooked' Mackerel. Every time I make it, it seems to turn out a bit different. Today I had trouble sourcing some hot chillies which was never a problem in PNG back in the 70s.

Anyway, the recipe goes something like this......

Finely slice the fish into thin strips and toss them into fresh lemon juice. Add ginger, garlic and chillies finely chopped (you know how much of each!), along with spring onions and salt. Wait about two+ hours and slip into it. The fish turns white when it is ready. Fine tune the taste with more salt and a little ground pepper if needed.

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