Monday, March 15, 2010

Hanging Up

Last night there was a re-run of a 2000 movie Hanging Up. The TV guide critic gave it one and a half stars. I liked it and gave 3 stars.

It is a comedy/drama with a good cast...Walter Mattau, Lisa Kudrow, Diane Keaton and Meg Ryan.
It is sort of a comedic dumbed-down On Golden Pond and is about three daughters coming to terms with their father's demise in dementia.

It reminded me of our friend, John who is in care with his companion Dementia. John is neither cranky nor violent like the Matthau character and occasionally he shows a glimmer of his old self. I am visiting him to day to give him a hair trim. I will be surprised if he recognises me.

His wife, Joy wrote this about her lost husband John....


Dementia is a cruel disease
It steals from families - we're one of these
It stole our loving Dad and friend
And made us feel it was the end.

He walks all day - is he aware?
With a faraway look that is elsewhere
As he walks up and down the Nursing Home
Does he realize he is so alone?

Is he looking for something he knows is lost?

Does he remember his former life
And is trying to find his loving wife.
Can you imagine a greater loss
Or a heavier burden to carry this cross?

Our beloved man is there no more,
Just a shell behind an empty door,
Dementia has stolen him away
But we remember a different day.

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