Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Upper Abdomen Scan

Yesterday I had an UltraSound of my upper abdomen. The young lady who did the job took lots of pictures, probably about 30+, and seemed to be concentrating on an area where my liver lives. When she was finished I asked if everything looked OK. She told me that radiographers were not allowed to comment, that was the job of the Doctor who analyzed the scans. I tried a new tack...'Do you think my GP is likely to ring me in the next few days?' to which she replied, 'I doubt it.' Which was pretty good news.

I had to fast for 8 hours before the scan and in the 30 minutes before I headed off to the Radiography centre had to drink a litre of water. I can't even drink a litre of beer over 30 minutes.

Last bit of medical stuff...... I have had some kidney pains for a few months and my GP sent me off to a local nephrologist. He sent me off for blood and urine tests and the results showed protein levels in the urine above normal. Several visits later he wrote to my GP suggesting that there is a link to the kidney problem with a possible contra-indication with Nexium which I take for acid reflux. He must have looked that up on Google; everyman's medical book. So I'm off to see the GP on Thursday and he is going to give me an alternative drug for acid reflex.

Don't you love getting old?

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Anonymous said...

Drinking more water might be a good idea.