Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Technology for the Young

This afternoon I drove out to Vera's house to give her another lesson on computer operation. Vera is an elderly (jeez, she is only three years older than me!) Aboriginal lady. I use the term 'Lady' because she is a lady....nice and pleasant company.

She has almost no experience with computers and I had forgotten how difficult it is to remember the steps to do things, like use a word processor, log onto the net, use an email program and Google for information. We went through all those processes and I wrote up instructions for each process and showed her how to make a photocopy, scan a document or picture and either save it or print it. Photoshop is far down the road yet.

Over the weekend when we had two kids stay over at our place I saw again what youth has that we oldies don't...immediate understanding of the technology or the where-with-all to nut it out; quickly.

Oldie get thee to a retirement village.

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