Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Madang Ples Bilong Mi

Joan is today starting round 6 of chemo. Each time we front up to the oncologist we worry that the blood test will show a low white blood cell count and void the session.

I follow a blog by an American fellow who has lived in Madang PNG for lots of years. He has a boat and is an avid diver and photographer. His blog.. features lots of photos of Madang sunsets and dawns as well as great underwater photos of fish and reef coral. Well worth a look. The blog is called Madang, Ples Bilong Mi.

Recently he told of almost being scammed by what he later discovered was the London Face Book Scam. The scam goes along these lines. Scammers set up fake FaceBook sites with details of interests and lots of photos etc. They become friends and correspond with the target on FaceBook.
Then comes the scam. In this case, the young woman (?) is stranded in London and urgently needs a loan of 1,250 pounds Sterling. There is the promise to pay the money back as soon as she gets back to the states. I think this is the essence of the 'Confidence Trick'.


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