Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pics from Brisbane

Patrick and ? with Greta behind. Greta was a college lecturer 50 years ago. Click the pics to enlarge them if you want to see all the age spots.
Howard and John
David and Patrick
Fred Ebbeck; lecture of 50 years ago, still in good shape.

The Glass House Mountains. My very efficient sub editor Graham, who lives in Sydney town, informs me that these 'mountains' are named The Glass House Mountains because a navigator named James Cook thought they looked like English glass houses. Maybe too much ship's rum?
Australia Zoo
This koala doesn't need superannuation.
The Ettamooga Pub. A repro of a cartoonist's hotel. Read about it here.

Before we left for Qld I ordered a Canon G11 digital camera online from Sydney. It arrived yesterday and I am 'suitably impressed'. I have a Nikon D70 Digital SLR with all the trimmings, but I have for some time thought it was too damn heavy and bulky to tote around. I read a blog by a chap in Madang PNG and he uses a Canon G11 to get great closeup underwater shots and above water landscapes. It retails in big stores for around A$780, but online, all up including Fedex delivery it cost $525. It looks like it will take me a bit of reading to get full use of all its functions. I started to read the handbook yesterday. It is a photocopied book. Yikes; I have been diddled!!!! I don't think so. It is sourced from China and they have made an English language copy of the handbook. I emailed the suppliers this morning to confirm that there is a valid Australian warranty on it. Love it so far. Now I will sell the Nikon, all the lenses, flashes and other bits

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Jenny said...

Wickipedia said Capt. Cook thought they looked like Glass furnaces. Seems more likely :)
I am deeply impressed at your energy - especially Joan's.