Friday, May 21, 2010

Zucchini and Yakult

The last time Joan was denied chemo it was also because of a low white cell count. She did a bit of reading on the net and a seemingly reliable source says that Yakult is good for repairing damaged bone marrow and since then Joan has been drinking one small drink per day. It didn't seem to do much good when looking at the latest blood test results. Also when she was reading the very comprehensive document of the new Chemo she will (we hope) start next Wednesday, she found a warning about taking Yakult when the patient has a low white cell count?? The warning was specifically about the danger of infection when the blood's defences are down. No more Yakult for Joan!

After visiting 'our' Bunnings store to report that a packet of BroadBean seeds had also spawned quite a few Zucchini, the horticulture lady reported back on what the seed merchant's Rep. had to say. It seems that one of three things have happened. 1. Some seeds from last year have sprouted. 2. My compost contained some Zucchini seeds. or 3. Some imported soil has brought in the Zucchini seeds.

None of these explanations filled the bill. I have never planted Zuchini before; I haven't used compost in that garden and the soil is exactly the same as when we shifted in here 5 years ago.

I went back to Bunnings and found Judy. I once again reiterated that I was seeking nothing, not even another pack of seeds. I told her that all those assumptions were invalid to which she replied that in the photo of the plants I had given her she and the Rep. noticed that the Zuchini seedling was not quite in line with the other two Broad Beans in the photo suggesting it (they) were not planted at the same time. At that moment I walked away from her.

I will return and buy another pack of seed and open it in front of the store gatekeeper in the hope that there are more Zucchini seed inside. I know, I should get out more!

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