Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starting Xeloda

My dear Joan has embarked on a different regime of chemotherapy. The last one Folfox6 did have some positive result but the main component Oxyliplatin (Oxyplatin) was damaging her nervous system and was discontinued. The new regime is Avastin infusions once every three weeks and daily tablets of 7 Xeloda tabs, four after breakfast and three in the evening. they are 500 mg tabs and I reckon she should take them with some tomato sauce.

She is to have a CT Scan later this month and we hope to see some improvement in tumour reduction.

The three week break she had with the crossover from Folfox to Xeloda saw some increase in the tumour marker, CEA, result. The last blood test showed the level at 768 and the latest result was over 1000. Still, that is lower by far from the 9,300 at diagnosis.

The oncologist is a pleasant looking bloke who has a predictable patter. When he invites us in to his office the same greetings are made every time.

He is quite similar to a pensioned-off Nun who is resident in the Ivy Suite (the cancer ward). She has been trained in dealing with patients in a most stressful time in their life and does it very badly. 'How are you?' 'Not bad' 'well keep staying well'. "You can make a cup off tea over there'.

One step to the next patient and exactly the same story for the next patient who has listened. St John's...give her a job somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose the nun and doctor have devised their 'cheerful' patter in order to keep their sanity. I prescribe Joan a shandy, a decent meat pie with tomato sauce while watching the Fremantle Dockers on Sunday afternoon. (Chanel 7 at 3pm or Foxtel at 2.30.) Kind regards, Paul.